Friday, March 11, 2016


I cant believe my blog is still here LOL OK A short update We lost our home and had to move back into the barrio. It took me a while to overcome this emotionally and it made me a bit blocked on writing anything but I am now ready to get back into the saddle again and ride the wild software of microsoft word. LOL So be a bit more patient more stuff is coming for ya'll to read. Thanks for being understanding. Love Clarrissa Lee Moon

Friday, January 3, 2014

New review for Nightwolves Coalition

Nightwolves Coalition by Clarrissa Lee Moon is a paranormal erotica novel that is a little of both paranormal and erotica and is pleasingly the right amount of each and refreshingly not too much of either. The novel takes no time in jumping into the action and plot as Catrina Garcia a vampire, newly modified, finds herself in the clutches of terrorists on a passenger airliner where she must find a way to save the day. Both evil and benevolent forces spice the conspiracy as twists take the reader into a suspense filled story and at times an entirely different world.

There is a very grounding sediment to the paranormal activity within the book that is quite compelling and utterly believable. The characters are three dimensional quality and the action and landscape unfold before the reader's eyes. Clarrissa Lee Moon truly uses the right amount of everything in her recipe for this book to create a novel about the age old dogma of vampires making it unique and exhilarating.

Grade A awesome book!