Friday, May 13, 2011

My most awesome reviews!

Nothing touches an author more than seeing hours, weeks, months of work being validated by the reviews that their work receives. I was just looking over my reviews at Paranormal Romance Guild a bit teary eyed because this one reviewer got it! Where some might complain about the preachiness of the main character and her habit of getting on a soapbox about it-every now and again, believe me I have tried to get her to tone down...she refuses- but the reviewer got it and made me see my main character more fully myself! She IS a demi-Goddess and has knowledge and the ability to put together pieces of information in a way most normal humans can not. The Main character understands that if something isn't done it could spell the down fall, creating a vacuum of power and another main stream religion could step in, which would most likely put women's rights back into the dark ages. This would NOT be a good thing, in our world or hers.
But the reviewer got it.. She understood the main characters drive. A lot of my reviewers saw beyond the surface of the story and got what was really going on below the surface and it just made all that work worth it for me. Yes, this series does cross a lot of genres and yes, this series talks a lot about complicated religious theology BUT there is also excitement, adventure, and a chance to get to know the characters on a personal level. The Nightwolves breaks a lot of walls in mainstream writing ethics. It crosses a lot of barriers that might make some people uncomfortable but some seem to have the intelligence, the wisdom and the foresight to see how this can make a series even more exciting, thrilling and chilling.
Now that The Nightwolves has been published in a house, the editing and formatting is so fancy it also makes me want to cry in happiness. The covers are a piece of art- being both retro and modern, Goth and urban- at the same time and a lot of people have seen what we wanted to show in just the covers of The Nightwolves. The statement that this series is not your normal cup of java, there is a jolt of something extra special waiting for a reader inside.
To have these awesome reviews is such a sweet balm to my soul, that I am inspired to break even more boundaries in my upcoming books and hope that these too will be seen by reviewers for what they are. Something out of the ordinary!
Thanks for all who read and review, my utmost respect and gratitude for your insights and words of praise for The Nightwolves!
Clarrissa Lee Moon