Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My oh so awesome fans!

I have just read a review on Nightwolves Siren's Song that made my heart go OH yeah! I have received a lot of email, contacts and now in my reviews pleas to finish the next book Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk. Please know I am working as hard as I can on it. It is more than halfway done now. I feel so bad leaving my fans hanging on that cliff hanger for so long. This was not my intent. Celeste Nite's too, has gotten private pleas to finish its story. Just know sometimes in a person's life stuff happens. I am pulling out of it and getting back on the horse-so to speak- :) The fan mail really helps me feel the burn to finish this series. Also know that this particular book- Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk- has been the hardest to write. When you read it I feel most will understand. But I am feeling strong enough again to tackle it, telll the story within the story and hopefully alll will appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this particular book. I can't say for sure when it will be done but I am hoping to conclude it soon as I can so I can go on to the next one after that which is alos halfway done(Nightwolves Battle for Kla' din) so that one should be coming out on the heels of Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk to make up for the long wait for my fans. I really appreciate the reaching out and promise to do my utmost best in getting your fix on seeing what happens to Cat and the gang. Let me just titillate you with an excerpt.
Ja' Callum took a deep breath and blocked Demitri's pain from himself and started to talk to him swiftly. “Let her go so we can see if she can walk with us, Brother-husband.”
Reluctantly, Demitri let go of her and backed away, now hugging himself as if in deep pain.
“Meshama, walk with us,” Ja' Callum told her.
Cat just sat and stared blankly.
Gerard said, “Names have power; let me try something. Catrina, get up and walk.”
 Still, there was nothing.
Slightly perplexed, he tried again, “Catrina Lynn Garcia, walk.”
She moved suddenly and started to walk in a straight line.
“Catrina Lynn Garcia, stop,” Gerard ordered. She stopped.
This seemed to make Demitri feel even more anguish over the situation and he couldn't watch her being controlled like a puppet.
Demitri turned away and Ja' Callum again offered him solace, which he took, allowing Ja' Callum to hold him close. “It'll be all right. We'll take her home and try everything in our place of worship. We have many spells and potions. Remember that one we used to reverse the non-healing curse on her not too long ago?”
Demitri nodded and took a deep breath, “Yeah, that worked fast. You're right. There has to be something.” Ja' Callum gave him a smile and clapped him on the back. Demitri backed away, but still couldn't look at Catrina being ordered around and seemed to try to block it from his sight.
The dragons were on guard on Kla’ din’s side of the portal as they maneuvered Cat through the Sakura Trees. One of them ambled over, happy to see his Mistress, and then came to a dead stop as he drew near enough to sniff her.
Snuffling deeply, he shook his head and reared back in panic, bugling distress.
Soon, all the dragons that were near were bellowing in grief over their Princess who seemed dead to them. Cassie started to shout for Cornelia, Cat's first and lead dragon for the guard while on Kla' din, and Cornelia came flying in like a dark cloud on fire, shooting flames as she dropped in for her landing. She, too, came at Cat at a fast pace to smell her, and a thrumming started with all the dragons that welled up in a long, mournful trumpet that was loud enough to make the humans and Kla' din's cover their ears. It was louder than their usual battle trumpet, more soulful then the howl of the wolf, and seemed to last forever, echoing across the desert crystal sands of Kla’ din.
Cassie kept trying to shout over them to get herself heard, but the grieving from the dragons wouldn't stop. It took Gerard, using a sharp blast of power that was more powerful than an M-80 firecracker, to get the attention of Cornelia. He then quickly told her the specifics of Cat's condition and that there was hope to reverse it.
Cornelia quickly let out a loud bellow and got the dragons nearest her to stop and soon word spread to all the dragons that Cat was not completely dead and there was hope for revival. The Dai' Khan's chimes were tinkling constantly with reports from the Je's of the unusual frantic state of their guardian dragons. The Dai' Khans had to repeatedly reassure the Je’s that the dragons would soon calm down.
When the dragons quieted, Cassie spoke again to Cornelia. “I am sorry. We should have thought to warn you of Cat's condition before bringing her through the portal. Cornelia, please forgive us.” She implored of the black dragon that was still spewing jets of flame in agitation.
Cornelia bent towards Cassie’s face. ‘Swear to me our Princess isn’t dead. She smells dead, she feels dead. How can she not be dead?’
Cassie gave her a solemn promise that Cat wasn’t completely dead. It wasn’t a lie—her heart beat (if slowly) and blood ran through her body. There was just no one home at the moment and hopefully they could figure out how to get her soul back inside of her, if it wasn’t inside that black bubble in her brain. Shamus shimmered into full existence between Cassie and Cornelia.
“What happened to Catrina?” Shamus gritted out. Cassie took a step back, unused to having Shamus look so foreboding. Yes, he could get gruff and crotchety, but she had never seen him look as dangerous as he did right then.
Cornelia inched her huge body further in to catch her words and Cassie explained to the mob that had gathered around the group all that had brought Catrina to Kla’ din in this condition. Even the military soldiers were looking uneasy, as the anger levels could be felt rising in the air around them from Catrina’s familiars; and that included Shamus, himself.
“Why wasn’t the curse seen to once it was laid on her, may I ask?” Shamus turned scorned-filled eyes at her mates.
“There wasn't time. She kept running from emergency to emergency, rescuing her kids. You know how she is about her kids. Nothing else matters but their safety first.”
“What has happened with them?” Shamus queried.

Her mates filled him in on the events that had taken place and Shamus sighed heavily as they finished. “There was nothing anyone could have done then if any one of her children were in danger; and now these Draugralls dare take a Prince of the Blood.” He turned towards Catrina’s familiars. “They will pay for that, as the voodoo queen will pay for her insult against our Mistress, but first and foremost, we must protect the Princess and bring her back to us fully restored. Vengeance will have to wait until we can get her soul back. This isn’t the first time we have had to rescue her soul. We will do so again,” he shouted to the crowd.
Please note this hasn't seen an editors hand yet:) But I hope you have enjoyed it none-the-less.
I will paste more excerpts from time to time until I am finished with the book just to try to make up for this very long delay.
Thank you for being my fans. I really do appreciate you and your reading and enjoyment of my stories. You have no idea how gratifying I find it. Thank you. Clarrissa lee Moon