Friday, November 12, 2010

WOW! Lots got done on Nightwolves Siren's Song. I wrote 10,000 in two days, then yesterday I wrote 7,000 in a single day. I am well into part three of the book now and foudn out there is yet another major evil entity to worry about. I dont know whether to put any teasers in NSS or wait for Nightwolves Battle for Kla' din to show a bit of light unopn the evil menace...I KNow for sure said evil menace will be attacking The Nightwolves as a whole in Nightwolves Union on Trinidad. Havent figured it out yet when the "big bad" will poke its ugly head out and say hi to everybody. At this rate, however, Nightwolves Siren's Song should be done within the week I think.
OK its time to work and see how many chapters I cna whip out today!
Much easier for to to blog before I begin my day of writing then to rememeber to blog after I am done. After a hard day of writing it seems all the words are drianed out of me for a bit. SO I will try to blog BEFORE I start my work hours creating Nightwolves Series.
Have a great paranormal day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

This may be a really busy month!

More good news. I have finally found the perfect copy editor for Nightwolves Series and Nightwolves Coalition and Nightwolves on the Prowl will have a second edition available very soon. Lea Ellen Borg has graciously taken on the Nightwolves and is copy editing my first two books. So now The Nightwolves Series has a professional team with me as the author...oh yeah Liz Niell as my editor and Lea Ellen Borg as my copy editor. Is that not awesome?!?!?! Oh yeah it is. Now I am also putting together a beta reading team and between all of us we could turn Nightwolves Series into a Best Seller. You betcha!!! I have every confidence that this new year will reign in some glad tidings and accolades for The Nightwolves Series.
Those who have bought ebooks of the first edition can contact me at astralrunner at email dot msn dot com for coupons and location for the updated second editions (FREE) when they become available. Just tell me the first sentence in chapter seventeen for Nightwolves Coalition and the first sentence of chapter eight of Nightwolves on the Prowl. For paperbacks again contact me and I will send free of charge an autographed copy of the second edition if you send me the first copies. Email me for details. Sorry for the revamping (No pun intended) but I want Nightwolves to be the best it can be:-) and give you, my readers the best I can give. You deserve it:-) Thanks for reading! I will announce when the second editions are out!

Featured Author!!!

Check it out. I am the new featured author at The Paranormal Romance Guild
which is a huge coup for me. :-) I got to talk about my series and give a preview of the cover for Nightwolves Siren's Song.
Go see it!

Happy Samhain

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I didn't work on my books at all. we partied, we feasted, WE HAD A BOOK GIVEAWAY, WE WATCH leprechaun IN THA HOOD lol IT WAS A RIOT.
oppps caps lock hate that button
ok anywho have a good one I am going back to watch Leprechaun back in tha hood