Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Howling out!!!!

Hello fans of The Nightwolves, Celeste Nites and personal friends!!! I haven't posted in quite some time. Sorry about that, but I have been neck deep ( pun inteneded) In Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk and Celeste Nites 2. The mundane world had/has its claws in my back and won't let go. Once I deal with a few more problems, I will get back to the most awesome world of The Nightwolves and find out where ...Celeste is at in Celeste Nites. And speaking of my two favorite girls, Catrina and Celeste ( Man, they have so much more fun than I do. I wish I were them-sigh) this being THE BIG YEAR, 2012, I have arranged for your reading pleasure a FREE- get this- FREE Nightwolves Coalition e-book at on Jan 21st and 22nd. In a month I will arrange, for you my peeps, a FREE Celeste Nites 1 e-book also at (Dates will be annouced far and wide as possible) More news- Celeste Nites 1 has been nominated Best of 2011 at Paranormal Romance Guild. Awesome or what? Please go vote for it at You need not be a member to vote!!! And finally, my peeps, I will be shortly showing off my newest book covers for Nightwolves Dawn to Dusk and Celeste Nites 2 and 3. Please leave feedback when I do. I value your opinions. Remember if the fur does fly this year, books are a lovely way to bring peace and happiness running with the packs:) So pick up a book, wish for peace and let the magick of the story take you to a new world. Stay tuned for release dates of my new books and have a howling paranormal good time. Clarrissa Lee Moon

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